RUMOR: E3 Could Be Digital Only Again in 2022

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12 March 2022
by quence 9

According to video game writer and insider Tom Henderson, the ESRB has sent e-mails out to game developers indicating that this year’s E3 will once again be a digital only event. While the organization previously indicated this year’s event would follow the digital only trend from 2021, rumors have since spread that the event would be cancelled outright. If true, this tweet seems to tell us that things are still on, albeit in a digital only capacity. However, as of now, there has been no official announcement made on the subject.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo held its first convention in 1995, but has had some rocky times in recent years. The show was outright canceled in 2020, and held only on digital platforms in 2021. Could E3 be moving in the direction of holding their event online only for the foreseeable future? Currently, it’s expected to be held in June of this year, in whatever form it takes. Nintendo may not have an official presence at the show, but it’s probably a safe bet that a new Nintendo Direct will premiere around the same time.

See Tom Henderson’s original tweets below.

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2y ago

Just FYI since the article makes it seem kinda confusing, the ESA already confirmed that E3 would be all digital this year. There have been a ton of rumors since then though that it's now been completely cancelled, whereas hearing that there is still a digital event makes it seem otherwise.

Thanks for the clarification! I updated the original article to make this clearer.


2y ago

E3 is always a digital event for 99% of people interested in the event anyways.


2y ago

E3 was falling out of relevance even before COVID. But I still like for it to exist, because you get all those terrific game announcements at the same time. I'd like to see all-digital E3 work and become the norm.


2y ago

Bit of a bummer. I always like the week of impressions from people going hands-on with all the games at the in-person event.

That said, it's not worth risking people's health over, so it's totally understandable.


2y ago

What does the ESRB have to do with E3? :)

giancarlo thomaz senoni

2y ago


ESRB is responsible for rating the games anounced during E3 2022

giancarlo thomaz senoni

2y ago

didnt Jeff Gruff stated E3 2022 was canceled?


2y ago

It's for the better, but next year... then it better be back for real.