Yesterday brought us a very quick snippet of gameplay for Sonic Frontiers, but today gives us an incredibly detailed look at what the game has to offer.

IGN will be running a whole month of gameplay features and more on Sonic Frontiers, and they’re kicking things off with over 7 minutes of gameplay footage. This gives us plenty to check out with the game, and we also get a great look at how everything is coming together.

Check out the gameplay in the video above. Please note, this footage does not come from the Switch version.

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2y ago

It looks really nice. I know people have been comparing it to BOTW, but it's graphical style and that area reminds me more of the Xenoblade games. I think the Switch version is going to struggle massively to run this game and/or there's going to be some major sacrifices.


2y ago

Not sure, looks a little too tech demoey. The environment is too barren, need to see more.


2y ago

Dont want to be critical just for the sake of it, but why does it feel like a massive tech demo? This Sonic really needs to have good combat to make the world relatable in some way. As it is i feel like this world would become tedious after around 2 hours. And where is Sonic's Sheikah slate?


2y ago

As someone who has never really liked Sonic games, this one kind of looks appealing.

The signposts showing "there's something to do here to unlock more of the world!!" doesn't seem like a good sign though, especially after BotW already demonstrated completely organic exploration without signposts and mini-map icons can work beautifully.

But I already have a sinking feeling SEGA will give the Switch version the least attention, and as a result of poor optimization it will struggle with the open world.

Then either: the Switch version will sell the most anyway, and SEGA will then use that to justify being lazy on future Switch titles, because it sells anyway


It sells the least, and SEGA uses that as justification for being lazy on future Switch games as well.

It's sad, but it's a pattern I've already seen one too many times.

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