Sonic Adventure 2 (later released as Sonic Adventure 2 Battle on the GameCube) has a beloved side mode in which players can raise cute little Chao creatures with all kinds of stats and outcomes. But did you know that your Chao could get sick? Unless you’re a Chao Garden superfan, there’s a good chance you didn’t. That’s because, according to Twitter user @SSF1991, there’s only a 1 in 6,000 chance of that actually occurring. As they point out, this is even rarer than the odds of finding a shiny Pokemon.

Why did Sega make the chance of your creatures getting sick so small? Why is there a doctor available to diagnose them for you if it’s such an unlikely event? Chalk this one up to another one of gaming’s great mysteries.

Who knows what further secrets the Chao Garden is hiding from us? Hopefully, a new version of this classic feature will be reimplemented in a future Sonic game, sickness or no.

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2y ago

This kind of rare event in a game is so interesting


2y ago

My siblings and I spent WAY more time playing chao garden than we ever did playing the actual main game. We always wanted a new game that had chao garden and we never got it. Still remember how upset I was when my maxed out evil chao died one day. I was young so didn't know any of the tricks to save them/make them reincarnate.


2y ago

Getting the Pokérus is even rarer.