Touken Ranbu Warriors, a new Musou title, was recently released on Nintendo Switch. In a unique situation, this game is based on an anime series that’s not very popular here in the West. Siliconera spoke with the developers of Touken Ranbu Warriors in an interview to discuss overcoming this hurdle, as well as how they decided on the game’s story, characters, and features.

Touken Ranbu isn’t well known outside of Japan. How did you handle that when preparing Touken Ranbu Warriors’ worldwide release?

Mei Erikawa, Ruby Party: We have put a lot of energy into making sure that that the allure of Touken Ranbu Warriors would be conveyed through its beautiful illustrations and impactful videos, and also made sure to showcase the gorgeous yet dynamic actions and the varied and rich story so that many new players can learn about the Touken Ranbu IP and this game and become interested in it.

Given how many characters appear in Touken Ranbu proper, what led to the team only including 15 playable ones here?

Erikawa: At first we thought about having many more characters appear in the game. But with a greater number of characters, it would become more difficult to build out each of their individual actions and stories. In some Warriors games, there are instances where several characters may have similar motions, but for Touken Ranbu Warriors we thought it is important to carefully create each character so we limited the number of characters appearing in the game. For the story as well, in order to show the appeal of each Touken Danshi on a deeper level, I think this is the best number of characters.

There is no multiplayer in Touken Ranbu Warriors. What led to this decision? Was there ever a point at which multiplayer was considered?

Sho: We thought that there would be many people playing an action game for the first time, so in order to not make it complex, we made the decision to focus on it being a really enjoyable single player game. Also, the original game Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- is also a single player game, so I think for the fans of the original game this would be a very familiar style of game to them.

For more insight into Touken Ranbu Warriors’ development, you can read the full interview now. You can also get more info on the game by checking it out on the Nintendo eShop.

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