Chequered Ink has announced that their game Plunder Dungeons will be available on Nintendo Switch later this month, June 17th, 2022. This is a combination dungeon crawler/card collecting adventure game. You’ll need to hunt for various cards in the dungeons, then use those cards in creative ways against a variety of enemies. The game will be available for just $3.99 when it goes up. See below for more info.

Test your mettle in Plunder Dungeons, a card-collecting, monster-bashing Adventure! Collect elements and use them as either armor or weapons on your quest. Gather as much treasure as possible on your travels and compare your highest score with players all around the world.

Each time you enter the Plunder Dungeons they’ll be slightly different. Keep your wits about you and maybe you’ll come face to face with the rarest and most powerful creatures.

Key Features

  • Dungeon crawling with card-management and permadeath.
  • 100 elemental cards to collect and 52 beasts to encounter.
  • Online leaderboards on every platform.

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