Kensuke Tanabe is a prolific game designer and producer at Nintendo, having worked on titles in the Mario, Kirby, and Donkey Kong series for many years. Notably, Tanabe has also been a producer on every game in the Metroid Prime series to date. In a new compilation video from Kiwi Talkz which you can find above, several former Retro Studios developers discuss what Tanabe was like as a producer.

According to the developers in this video, Tanabe is a great producer to work with! The general consensus is that he’s focused on the nuts and bolts of the games, fine tuning them until they’re just right. One developer even calls him a “super genius” when it comes to designing boss encounters in games like Metroid Prime and Donkey Kong Country Returns. Even when there are disagreements, he’s willing to compromise and talk to the team to better understand the issues.

For more specific Metroid Prime related stories and insight into the developers’ relationship with Tanabe as a producer, watch the full video above.

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red knight

2y ago

That's really good to hear because I hold him in such high regard.


2y ago

Well hes responsible for the prime trilogy and thr dkcr games so yeah o agree he is a super geniusa