We’ve known for awhile now that Grezzo, the team that worked on the remakes of Majora’s Mask, Ocarina of Time, and Link’s Awakening, have something new in the works. The only details we’ve had up to this point are that the game is “medieval” and “stylish,” which certainly leaves a lot of room for speculation. Thankfully, a few more tidbits have now come in, thanks to some job listings.

Grezzo is looking to hire both a battle planner and designer, and the job descriptions for these positions give us a few more details on this mystery game. Here’s what we now know.

  • “The expression is not photoreal, but a “design” of real elements”
  • It’s being made in Unity
  • It’s a 3D game
  • It’s an action game
  • There will be bosses
  • There will be combat

Again, we’re still in the dark as to what this game is, but at least things are now taking shape. Hopefully we get an official reveal sometime in the near future.

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2y ago

They games flop, they should be bought by Nintendo and work on nintendo ips instead