You may not recognize the name Alejandro Saab, but you’re probably quite familiar with his body of work. Saab has lent his vocal talents to Leon in Pokémon Journeys: The Series, Yuri in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and Jules in Final Fantasy VII Remake, along with plenty of other roles.

While Saab has never been asked to voice a Sonic character, it turns out he’s quite a fan of the franchise. For a bit of fun, Saab took to Twitter to share a demo reel of what it would be like if he stepped into the shoes of Shadow the Hedgehog. You can hear his take on the character below.

Sounds like a pretty great job to me! Saab definitely has a voice and tone that works well with Shadow, and his voice acting chops add a bit of depth as well. If SEGA is out to find a new voice for Shadow in the games or animated features, they might want to look Saab’s way!

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2y ago

Not bad. Not bad at all.