Earlier this morning, Nintendo put up pre-orders for the special edition of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 on their store for the US. After hours of people struggling to get through, they’ve announced via Twitter that they’ll be putting them back up again at another date.

They say they’ll give us another warning before they go back up again, so we’ll be sure to notify you whenever that is. Hopefully the My Nintendo store can withstand the traffic next time.

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2y ago

I think 4 people were able to get one. I was in a waiting room all day before that darn Wario popped up and kicked me out. Nintendo really has to learn how to get better at this kind of stuff. It's embarrassing.


2y ago

I opened the American link out of curiosity when it was posted here earlier today. It said the site was experiencing heavy traffic, that I was in a queue and not to refresh the page or my place would be lost. It never went any further than that.

But I live in Ireland, so it's not was going to buy it, I just wanted to see how America was getting on, seeing as the Special Edition is such a disaster in Europe. By the sounds of things, it didn't go well Stateside.


2y ago

Really hope I can snag one next time it goes up, I've gotten all the other Xenoblade Special Editions here in America with no issue what so ever, it'd be a shame if I missed this one because Nintendo decided to handle it themselves. I don't even care if I could order the special edition now and not get the goodies until past the initial promise of Fall 2022.


2y ago

Ever since they redesigned their store I've found it more unresponsive, sure it looks pretty but ugh.

I kept checking on two computers all day. I was logged in but the store kept asking me to log in even though I had My Nintendo up showing my gold/platinum coins. On one computer it decided to show me the waiting room screen and got stuck there for over an hour, on the other computer I managed to get in and it showed me as being logged in and somehow I managed to snag a copy.

Good luck to everyone else. Hopefully it goes smoother.