Did You Know Gaming explores Pokémon's extensive cut content

There were originally 65,000 versions planned!

11 June 2022
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Pokémon has always been a highly ambitious title for the original Gameboy, with multiple versions, link cable capabilities, and more, all packed into one little cartridge. That said, there were still tons of ideas left on the cutting room floor for various reasons. Believe it or not, Nintendo’s original plans for the series were to have every single copy of the game generate an entirely unique set of Pokémon based on a randomly generated ID number at the start of the game. Of course, this eventually was distilled down into just the two versions we’re familiar with today.

In a new Did You Know Gaming video, they explore how this format would have worked in depth, along with other plans for the original Pokémon games that never made it into the final release. It turns out that even something as fundamental as battling almost didn’t make it in! Watch the full video above for more details, and an extra large dose of Pokémon trivia.

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