While most Pokémon GO events are cause for celebration, trainers were left feeling quite enraged following Pokémon GO Fest 2022. While many are still angry that Niantic has moved back to pre-pandemic rollouts for certain content, it was another feature all together that riled trainers up this time around.

Trainers were quick to notice that shiny rates during Pokémon GO Fest 2022 weren’t anywhere near what was expected, with some players going the duration of the event without encountering a single shiny. Yes, shiny Pokémon are supposed to be rare, but not that rare, especially during an event like this!

DoteSports reached out to Niantic director Michael Steranka for comment on the matter, and he did offer a response. Unfortunately, it’s not one most trainers will be happy to hear.

“We understand that for some Trainers, the biggest way they judge the quality of a Pokémon Go event is on how many Shiny Pokémon they catch. We heard from Trainers who shared how lucky they were this year in terms of Shiny Pokémon caught, while others shared how their experience was the opposite. If Shiny Pokémon are too prevalent, it degrades the game in the long term.

Pokémon Go Fest events are about coming together for a weekend of fun catching, raiding, battling, and exploring. Ideally, the totality of the content of a given event makes you feel like the event is a good value—the Special Research, the bundle of in-game items such as raid passes and Incense, the Global Challenges, the spawns, the storyline and so on.”

[Niantic director Michael Steranka]

Niantic clearly knows people were upset with the shiny rate during Pokémon GO Fest 2022, but it seems everything went according to plan on their end. Steranka did mention that comments and feedback from this event would be taken into account the next time a major Pokémon GO event comes around. Let’s hope that’s the truth, and next time trainers have a bit more luck hunting down shiny Pokémon.

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2y ago

Niantic kinda hurt themselves with this. If they are reducing shiny rates they shouldn't have made them so high on community days in the first place. Now expectations are set too high.

1/500 is a fine chance for a shiny, especially on a community day when the spawns are all the same thing. Instead they decided to do what? Like 1/40. Way too high.


2y ago


Couldn’t agree more! This response seems entirely tone deaf. And if so many shinies dilute the game experience, why are people getting 40+ shinies on Community Day? Or even the Adventure event this Sunday, shiny odds are being placed at around 1/10 for Cranidos and Shieldon.

It makes no sense that a majority of players got less shinies during a paid event than they would for a free Community Day. If Niantic can’t see how that’s backwards, well, we’re in trouble.

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2y ago

Thing is, this time they advertized the ticketed incense to have a higher shinychance, i didnt get the ticket but for those that did, that was marketed as 1 selling point, and if its marketed it's not strange people complain about it since to them it's probably scam marketing in just that part.

As before, got the good pokemon just before gofest, with more playing on gofest, the raids i did before had far better IV's and some shinys, anecdotal but was the exact same last year.