Neko Secret Room, a naughty action-puzzler, is coming to Switch on June 16th, 2022, courtesy of eastasiasoft. The title is priced at $7 and takes up 707 MB of space.

Sneak into your photographer friend’s room and find out what she’s hiding! Neko Secret Room is a naughty puzzler where you have to solve the grid-based brain teasers of ChanOS to hack into a database of saucy photos. Select pieces of each image and swap them around to discover the correct combination and restore the completed scene. The lovely clients shown within are surely worth the effort!

In addition to image puzzles, you’ll find other interesting activities in your friend’s room, whether it’s playing darts, going through her wardrobe and trying on clothes, dancing or just admiring her cats! Even the simplest of pleasures can be extra exciting when you’re somewhere forbidden, right?

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2y ago

I watched the trailer only to confirm what I guessed -- EastAsisSoft strikes again. Nothing more needs to be said.


2y ago

Crappy graphics, crappy animation, crappy gameplay... but NEKOMIMI ghfnhnhhg! X3