Super Mario Odyssey is a big game with a lot of little details, so if you missed this one, we can’t blame you! A recent tweet from @MarioBrothBlog demonstrates just how much thought goes into every aspect of a big Mario title, even if very few people will notice it.

When speaking to one of the Toads in the Mushroom Kingdom region, they mention that Princess Peach is bringing hats back for everybody after she returns from the moon. Upon viewing said Toads through binoculars in the same area, you’ll see them hatless… because of course, Peach isn’t back yet. Do the same after completing the game’s story (when Peach has safely returned to the Kingdom), and voila… The Toads have hats! Even if viewed up close using mods and other tricks, the Toads will not have any hats unless the story has been fully finished.

This is just another in a long line of delightful little Easter eggs from recent Nintendo games that keeps players hunting for more. Hatless Toads may not be hugely impactful, but it all adds up to a memorable experience with lots to discover. Who knows what might pop up next! See the clip in question embedded below.

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2y ago

She must've spent the million coins Mario was taxed, from NSMB2


2y ago

I think this is more of a case of continuity than more so Easter Egg, like BotW’s detail was. An Easter Egg is a hidden item in the game……


2y ago

Ok...I don't get it. It's nearly impossible to see them hatless...