Whomps are some of the more beloved enemies of the Mario franchise, known for gleefully smashing their faces onto the ground in an effort to stomp players flat. They’ve been appearing in Mario Kart Tour tracks for a while now, but a new discovery has been made about a hidden Whomp secret! Namely, there is a third texture showing the changes to a Whomp’s face while lying down on the ground (as seen on the right in the image above). Appropriately, it looks rather distressed. Of course, players would never witness this in normal gameplay, since it only appears when facedown on a flat surface.

This tidbit comes courtesy of a Tweet from the Super Mario Wiki, who cleared this fact up for us after examining an image of Whomp faces shared by the official Mario Kart Tour Twitter. The same tidbit is true of Super Mario Galaxy 2, which also featured an unseen Whomp face texture.

It’s hard to say exactly why Nintendo put the extra effort into designing these textures when no one is ever meant to actually see them. Maybe it’s a safeguard in case there’s an angle that makes it viewable by accident? Or maybe they just love being thorough. Either way, it’s little details like this that make us appreciate Mario games all the more.

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