Character artist Luis Nieves currently works for development studio The Initiative, whose next game is a new reboot of the Rare shooter Perfect Dark. However, just because this new Perfect Dark is an XBox exclusive, that doesn’t mean its developers can’t show a little love to Nintendo in their spare time. Recently shared on Twitter are four striking images created by Nieves, depicting a very realistic Samus Aran from Nintendo’s own Metroid series in her classic power suit. Check them all out in detail in the tweet below.

While the modern 3D Metroid games have offered us glimpses at a more realistically depicted Samus Aran in the past, this takes it to a different level. It seems that Luis Nieves is a talented character artist indeed, and it’s great to see folks in the industry who have been inspired by Nintendo’s games. Would you like to play a Metroid game in which Samus looks like these depictions, or do you prefer a more stylized look?

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giancarlo thomaz senoni

2y ago

a hyper realitic artstyle don't fit the Metroid franchise


2y ago

No sir, I don't like it.


2y ago

Yeah this art isn't anything special. It makes me worry how some people would try to adapt Samus and the Metroid universe for TV and film but I pray we never reach that point.


2y ago

I wouldn't want a design like this to be used in a game but it's always cool to see someone's take on the character.


2y ago

Her arms are way too skinny...