Silver Falls: White Inside Its Umbra is an upcoming horror game from Sungrand Studios. Unfortunately, its release has been rejected by Nintendo, reportedly because they found the game to be “too scary”.

Believe it or not, this latest entry in the Silver Falls series was meant to be released on the Wii U eShop, in spite of that system’s fall in popularity. The game makes use of that console’s various controllers and accessories, such as the Wii Balance Board. Unfortunately, it’s being held up for now until the studio is able to make adjustments to its gameplay. In a recent update video, developer Jerrel Dulay explains the situation and his frustrations in detail:

Dulay explains that Nintendo’s concern is over players performing “unsafe maneuvers” as a result of the frightening gameplay experience. As part of the game, players are able to utilize both the Wii Remote and the Wii Balance Board. It seems that Nintendo is worried players will be so frightened they accidentally fall while using these peripherals, possibly causing damage to themselves or others.

Although Dulay is frustrated by the experience and voices financial concerns for himself and the studio, he says he is committed to altering the game in order to make it acceptable for Nintendo’s standards. Hopefully he can get things resolved before the Wii U eShop is closed for good.

For more information on Silver Falls - White Inside Its Umbra, you can visit the game’s official site. Stay tuned for more news, as we wait to hear when it might finally have a release date on the Wii U.

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2y ago

Nintendo need a slap! Financially is all that really matters, so they don't care.

mock turtle

2y ago

I was genuinely looking forward to this, so I hope he can figure it out. Personally I'd rather the Balance Board option be removed entirely and keep the scares if that's the problem.