Card Shark has received an update on Nintendo Switch, which should bring it up to parity with the Steam version. According to developer Nerial, this update includes improvements for tutorials, removes soft locks, and fixes some nasty bugs, among other things. See below for a full list of what’s new and improved.

  • Gambling House: Fixed softlock when not pouring enough wine.
  • Salon: Fixed looping back to Limbo after failures against the Comte.
  • First Salon Carriage: Fixed incorrect dialogue for pincer shuffle variations.
  • Chateau: Fixed soft lock occurring mid deal if no card is stolen in Sticky Hand.
  • Cour des Miracles: Intro cut-scene now plays correctly when loading a save game.
  • Versaille: Fixed softlock in final round.
  • Theatre: Prevented Comte from sitting in first seat in strategy 16.
  • Second Deal: Fixed issues with input being remembered during dialogue.
  • Pincer Shuffle: Explanations can no longer get stuck when single-shuffling / injogging in final shuffle pass.
  • Permadeath: Unlocked strategies are no longer deleted on permadeath.
  • Endgame: Re-playing a completed game starts back at the tavern, with skip privileges and retained strategies.
  • Map: Fixed getting stuck with nowhere to go because returning to the Camp is unavailable.
  • Options menu: No longer loses focus when navigating with the gamepad shoulder buttons.
  • Difficulty screen: Italian text no longer overflows.
  • First Cascarot Camp, Magician’s Trick: Corrected incorrect arm skins.
  • First Hospice Carriage: Fixed incorrect dialogue playing after shuffle explanation.
  • First Hospice: Fixed Aramitz going to negative money.
  • Chateau Carriage: Fixed table arrangement not matching tutorial.
  • Second Cafe Carriage: Removed Reset button during technique explanation.
  • Cour des Miracles: Added reminder of requested cards when failing Sticky Hand or Full Harvest.
  • Cour des Miracles: Prevented softlock when listening to Erdnase Shuffle explanation several times in a row.
  • Second Bathing Establishment Carriage: Fixed explanation permitting mistake in Sticky Hand.
  • Second Bathing Establishment: Fixed a potential softlock when failing to steal a card in Sticky Hand.
  • Freeplay, Strategy 10 – The Shiner: Fixed opponent hand sometimes having no high card.
  • Epilogue: Fixed softlock while pouring wine slowly.
  • UI: Fixed misplaced money UI after caught dialogues.
  • Reminder: The controls for False Riffle Shuffle were outdated.
  • Art: Minor visual improvements to Nicolai’s already stupendous art.

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