Discolored: Episode 2 Revealed

Puzzle-solve to restore color!

16 March 2022
by onettqueen 0

Via a press release, Jason Godbey of Godbey Games announced today the sequel of his first-person puzzle adventure game Discolored. Jason Godbey stated that Discolored: Episode 2 will retain the “surreal and mind-bending puzzles” of the first game, but that Episode 2 will feature intense gameplay moments and new characters to expand the story. He also stated that the sequel will probably not release until 2023.

In the world of Discolored, all the colors have gone missing and it is your mission to bring them back. Set after the events of the first game, this sequel places the stakes higher and makes the dangers even greater. As you attempt to restore color to the rest of the world that’s been thrust into darkness, you’ll need to evade the clutches of a shadowy organization. These mysterious figures who use the power of color for their own demented purposes will do anything to stop you from achieving your aim.

Here are some key features that you can expect from the sequel:

  • First-person exploration - Explore a surreal world where color is everything and discover its hidden secrets.
  • Unravel the mystery - Piece together a dark and uncanny narrative to uncover the secrets of the colors and their meaning.
  • Inventive, mind-bending puzzles - Use your keen observation and logical thinking to overcome challenging puzzles and restore color to the world.
  • Surreal and otherworldly atmosphere - Experience an unreal and bizarre world ambiance that seamlessly melds surprise with eeriness.
  • Haunting soundtrack - Engross yourself in the experience with tracks that deliver unearthly undertones.

Here are some recently released screenshots for Discolored: Episode 2:

To purchase the first episode of Discolored for the eShop, which is on sale as of writing this article, click here.

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