After much buildup and anticipation, the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion is finally available on Nintendo Switch. This expansion includes plenty of new content already, but Capcom shows no signs of slowing down. Here’s a look at what you can expect to see in terms of completely free updates for the remainder of 2022 and beyond:

August - Free Title Update 1

  • Seething Bazelgeuse, Lucent Nargacuga and several other monsters
  • Rare species monsters
  • Special species monsters
  • New locale: Forlorn area

Fall - Free Title Update 2

  • Rare species & subspecies monsters
  • Powered-up monsters

Winter - Free Title Update 3

  • Special species monsters
  • Powered-up monsters

2023 - Free Title Updates

  • To be continued…

As you can see, the details are currently a little vague as to what exactly is on the way for future Sunbreak content, but it’s promising to see that so much more is planned, even into 2023. The focus seems to be on new monster species, with at least one new locale thrown in as well. Until then, there’s plenty of content already in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak to keep you busy. Let us know what you’d like to see in future updates to the game!

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2y ago

They're not free though. They're only "free" to those that pay an extra €30 for Sunbreak on top of the €60 base game.

I'm sure many folks are going to scoff at an expansion getting free updates, but this is also what happened in Iceborn. Before Iceborn, Capcom would do one worse where they would pull a Street Fighter 2 and re-release the base game with the updates at full price. Maybe slap a XX or a U at the end of the title. Remember this is Capcom we are talking about here, they really aren't known for being pro-consumer. The free updates to Subrake are far more preferable even if it still isn't ideal. Maybe I'm financially numb, but a $30 expansion getting free content down the line is fine with me, as long as the expansion is able to prove it's worth the price of admission. In my opinion, Subrake has more than enough content and is well worth the $30.

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2y ago

What is wrong with you two. It's a reasonably priced DLC. Every single Monster Hunter game has gotten an expansion barring Portable 3rd. Getting even more on top of that is great. Let's stop pretending costing money=bad.


2y ago


Rise is a game that represents a lot of things.

Its base game was released woefully unfinished. It lacked content when compared to its brothers, and it relayed on its free roadmap to fill in the gaps and finally being the game to a full package. Playing during that time was rough, as we kinda had to wait for the drip-feed of content even to experience the ending. That was a full-priced experience and I can't lie when I say it was disappointing as a fan of the series.

Sunbrake is the complete opposite, it’s been released and I think it is overflowing with content. So its roadmap is actually meaningful additions on top of all the content on offer. If you’re just an outsider looking in I can see how it can seem like it’s Capcom releasing an unfinished product again when in reality it's them making up for that previous mistake.

Then there is the actually paid DLC, all cosmetic stuff but it can still run you up over a hundred or so if you truly wanted everything.

But to comment on your point of costing money=bad, I’m going to remind you of the character ticket system, which in my opinion is pretty egregious. While it’s great the content with actual gameplay is free, I don’t appreciate having to pay capcom every time I want to change how my character looks.

You ain't wrong about a lot of that, but the idea of an expansion that is paid is perfectly reasonable. The dude up top bitching about having to spend any amount is ridiculous. Maybe "you two" wasn't quite right, as you are clearly more reasonable, but the content we got for the price is great.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not arguing anything paid is inherently reasonable. All thr extra stuff they want to charge for is absolutely bullshit . Layered armor held off for being paid DLC instead of events and character edit vouchers are the worst, most unnecessary monetization solely because World finally made the franchise blow up.

But there is rampant entitlement in Nintendo communities that they cry endlessly when things cost more than they want to pay...and what they generally think they deserve to pay is $0 foe their undying loyalty. I'm over it and have no qualms with calling it out when I see it at this point. However, we seem to be more or less on the same page with this specific example, at least.