As reported on earlier this week, one of the shareholders during Nintendo’s 82nd annual General Meeting of Shareholders asked the company about their plans for F-Zero and if there were any remakes or new entries planned for the franchise. However, thanks to a recent report from Business Insider, we have some more info about the individual who brought this question to the Big N in the first place. Operating under the Twitter username @momiji_manjyuu, he tells Business Insider that he is a “die-hard Nintendo fan…I have been playing Nintendo games since I was a child,” Momiji told Insider. “Among them, I can’t get enough of that sense of speed of ‘F-Zero.’

Which brings us to present day where in his interview Momiji tells Business Insider that he “bought about “100 shares at 56,430 yen per share (over $400 per share) in February after selling his stock in another company.”

The user goes on to say that while his investment into the company got him a spot at the shareholders meeting, it wasn’t guaranteed that he would get to ask a question but the fact that he did was just a “bonus”.

We cannot tell you if there are any plans for future remakes of any specific game…But, during development, we are always thinking about various possibilities that players can enjoy.

[Shinya Takahashi Nintendo]

While Nintendo’s response to his question was pretty muted, it still leaves us with a bit of hope that we’ll see the franchise return someday. As for Momiji, while an answer like that might not be what most consider worth $43,000….he still has the stock at the end of the day and that’s gotta be worth something!

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2y ago

I hope they keep their stake, so they can keep asking.


2y ago

If Nintendo announce a new F-Zero, their stock will have BOOST POWER!


2y ago

Nintendo’s Shareholder Q&A’s are filled with dumb questions and this isn’t the first time someone has begged a game from Nintendo. Its actually baffling how bad Nintendo’s shareholders are so motivated to answer questions that will be swiftly shut down, versus having something more thought provoking to ask the company’s top professionals, especially when its their money on the line.

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mock turtle

2y ago

And here we observe the gigachad in his natural habitat.


2y ago

At this point, if Nintendo did try to make an F-Zero game we’d all be disappointed by it. Let’s face it, they haven’t made an F-Zero console game since N64 (Sega/Amusement Vision made GX). I don’t think anyone still at Nintendo knows how to make an F-Zero game anymore. And they’d want to sell it for $60 which would just anger the twitterverse.


2y ago


Naw it will launch with 3 tracks and 2 cars at launch for $60 with the rest being added monthly via "free updates"