While Nintendo fans have been waiting for Super Mario RPG to release on the Switch’s SNES app, digital design artist Finn (@huckori on Twitter) has been steadily working on his own remake of the game. In a newly released video on Twitter, he shows off some new footage of the project, including a demonstration of the game’s battle encounter system with all new graphics. See that footage below:

This version of the game features more modern looking character models and backgrounds, plus hi-def lighting and textures, while still retaining the general look and style of the original game. Since it’s only being worked on by one person, it will probably be a while before it’s completed. That said, what’s been shown off so far is undeniably impressive.

Nintendo tends to frown upon fanmade projects such as this, so who knows if any of us will ever get the chance to play this version of the game. They haven’t been showing much love to Super Mario RPG lately either, so if you’re a fan, this is something you may want to follow. For more on this remake of Super Mario RPG, follow @huckori on Twitter, where he’s been sharing news, screenshots, and other progress updates.

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2y ago

You guys really shouldn't be showing this off before it's done. Nintendo will likely C&D it now.


2y ago

I'm 99.999% sure that game journalists do this on purpose to tip off nintendo to fan games.

If that is the case shame on all of you


2y ago

what level is that mallow that's doing 19 damage to a koopa??? also, why do you have mallow already?


2y ago


Heh…I take that point, though it might be argued that the creator shouldn't be showing it until then either 🤷🏻‍♂️

Without needing to approve the two new users' comments on this story, *I'd* have never heard about this at all, even with it being a story on our own site!