Do You NintenKnow: July 2022

Test your trivia might!

05 July 2022
by weaponnext 1

Below is a set of clues for games that have a notable US release date anniversary (5, 10, 15, etc.) in the current month. See if you can figure out the title before clicking the blurred image to find out if you were correct! Head down to the comments when you’re finished and reminisce about the personal memories that were dredged up. Remember that these are going by the release date in the United States. Have fun!

July 1987

This NES title featured vertically scrolling levels with a Greek mythology twist. Metroids seemingly make an appearance. And…eggplant?


Tecmo developed this side-scrolling game for the NES in which the hero makes use of the “Diskarmor” as his main weapon. The game was released on various platforms and the gameplay was different depending on the version. This NES version is more of an open-ended action RPG with than its counterparts.


July 1992

The second game in a very popular fighting game series released on the SNES. The first game in the series actually sucked. This installment is much better but would also see multiple updates and revisions adding new characters or changing the game speed. For some, the day they got this game would be the most important day of their life…for Raul Julia it was a Tuesday.


July 1997

Do you like anthropomorphic animals engaging in space combat? Would you like it even better if they were rendered in 3D polygons on the N64? Then this title is for you! It was the second (now third officially) installment in the series, but also kind of a reboot? This game has the distinction of being the first N64 game to feature Rumble Pak support. Do a barrel roll!


July 2002

This “cult classic” for the GBA was a mash-up of vehicular combat and an action RPG. The main character’s vehicle takes part in 16-bit Mode 7 style battles to earn money for stronger upgrades. Yuzo Koshiro is the composer on this one too. Think along the lines of “Truck Fighter Jim”.


July 2007

Another Mario sports game, taken to the Next Level on Wii. This second game in the series is similar to the first game, but features “Mega Strikes” that allow you to score multiple points at once.


July 2012

Sega published this rhythm-puzzle game for the 3DS, featuring a resurrected Napoleon Bonaparte. The main character is a petty criminal who, accompanied by his dog Fondue, tries to avoid the law along with working out the mysterious disappearance of his father and the resurrection of Napoleon.


The 3DS saw this release in a long-running, very confusing series featuring beloved characters and clown shoes. Not only is the story confusing, but the names are absurd too. D-Von and Bubba Ray Dudley would probably approve of the name of this one, though.


July 2017

This colorful “shooter” sequel developed by Nintendo was released on the Switch. One of the new features for this sophomore effort was the inclusion of a story-driven single-player mode. If this game wasn’t obvious already, it heavily features water creatures. Along with…cats?


This side game in a series created by the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto released for the 3DS. Interestingly, it was a 2D sidescroller instead of the usual 3D affair. Developed by Arzest, the main character crashes his space ship on an unknown planet (again) and must utilize his minions to traverse obstacles to eventually repair his ship.


That wraps yet another month of Did You NintenKnow! How many did you manage to get right this time around? Let us know your score in the comments below!

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