Earlier this week, Firaxis debuted a new trailer for Marvel’s Midnight Suns featuring Captain America. Now, they’re going even deeper with the introduction of an ongoing YouTube series, each episode highlighting the abilities and playstyles of various playable heroes. In the first episode, Captain America himself gets the treatment, giving us our best look yet at how he works in the game.

Naturally, Captain America’s greatest asset is his vibranium shield, which he uses to great effect in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. A block system will allow Cap to build up power by defending against enemy attacks, then unleash that power later on in order to deal massive amounts of damage.

Outside of the battlefield, players will also be able to build up friendship levels with Captain America. Reaching higher levels will unlock perks, such as starting each fight with some block already in place, and gaining more block during each turn.

For more details on Captain America’s powers, abilities, and cool costumes, watch the video above. There’s no shortage of heroes to play as in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, so stay tuned for the next video for more info! The game will release on Nintendo Switch later in 2022.

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