Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Q&A video answers fan questions

All your burning questions, answered

09 July 2022
by quence 2

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is now getting into the hands of game journalists, and unsurprisingly, fans have questions about the game. In light of this, GameXplain has gone ahead and put together a new video answering a good handful of questions from their Twitter followers regarding the game. Here’s a summary of some of the new tidbits discussed in the video:

  • The speed of battles varies depending on which characters you’re using and your play style, but doesn’t feel terribly slow
  • There are many small quality of life improvements to various systems compared to past entries
  • Character classes can be changed, and only active healers can revive characters
  • The map will be filled in with details as you explore, just like Xenoblade Chronicles 1
  • Very large areas on the map can be explored freely without loading screens
  • Loading times seem to be faster than previous games, but can still be on the long side
  • Feels like a fusion of Xenoblade Chronicles 1 + 2 in terms of its presentation and gameplay
  • Looks and runs better than Xenoblade Chronicles 2 in both docked and handheld modes
  • It is not possible to lower character levels at campfires, only to level them up

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is just a few weeks away from release on the Switch. Until then, you can watch the above video for more details on how the game looks, feels, and plays.

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2y ago

That's cool and all but when can we order the special edition?

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2y ago

Not being able to lower levels is a bummer but everything else sounds amazing.