A Twitter User has discovered a new patent filed by Nintendo for a controller variant of some kind. Pictures and details are scarce, but it appears the patent filed last Summer, and was only made public in January.

New patents are not a guarantee that anything is coming, but sometimes do tend to hold slightly more weight than a trademark renewal.

As for the controller itself, it appears to be styled after a portion of the N64 controller. It’s missing the prominent prongs, the Z trigger, and some of the face buttons, but it’s clear the N64 controller was definitely a base for this design. It even appears to have the N64 Controller Pak slot!

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Hello! My name is Flapjack - Eric being my real name, and I am such a Nintendo fan that I could have easily been born holding an NES controller. I even worked at Nintendo, and I am not even your uncle! I love Animal Crossing and Wii Sports, and am a big fan of anything retro.

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2y ago

Nintendo missed out on some fun opportunities when they omitted the expansion slot on their new wireless N64 controller. Maybe this is supposed to make up for that?


2y ago

wasnt the pokken controller similar to that(kinda simple), pokken 2 could get its own one in that case...


2y ago


I completely forgot about the Pokken controller!