We found out earlier today that Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous was headed to Nintendo Switch on September 29th as a cloud version. Now we have some visual accompaniment in the form of a brand new teaser trailer.

This trailer shows off some brief cinematic footage, as well as about a minute of dungeon crawling, combat filled gameplay. It remains to be seen how the game will run in its cloud supported format on the Switch, but this offers a glimpse of what it should look like at its best.

Look forward to playing this RPG on your Switch via the magic of the cloud, on September 29, 2022.


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2y ago

If you play in Turn based mode, it being a cloud version should be no problem at all tbh. The game doesn't even really have "visually impressive" cinamatics, even less "action based" ones. (The game is quite good though)
I just wonder if they have any touch screen functionality... If they do, I'll be very interested in a Switch version (otherwise I'll continue playing on my PC that I barely use...)