A new game about designing subway stations titled Mini Subway: Login on the Metro Line has launched today on the Nintendo eShop in Europe, the UK, and Australia. Unfortunately, it appears to be a direct rip-off/clone of an already existing eShop title, Mini Metro from developer Dinosaur Polo Club. From the screenshots and all information available, this appears to be a near identical copy of Mini Metro, and of course, without the blessing of the original designers.

GoNintendo alum @Nintendaan brought this to the attention of Dinosaur Polo Club, via Twitter, who indicated that they would be examining the situation more closely.

This isn’t the first time someone in the gaming industry has tried to make money by ripping off someone else’s idea, but it does seem like one of the more blatant attempts. Hopefully Nintendo gets wind of things and takes action to remove the plagiarized game. It would also be nice if a system were put in place to avoid more copies like this being uploaded in the future, but we’ll take what we can get!

If you’re interested, you can visit the eShop to get more info on the original Mini Metro game.

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