Sky: Children of the Light is turning three years old, and studio thatgamecompany has released details on the planned celebrations for the title. The festivities are set to kick off on July 18th, 2022, and last for a month.

Along with in-game items and events, a new season will be taking place titled “Season of Shattering” that promises “never-before-experienced forms of gameplay, ambient storytelling, and social elements.” A trailer for the new season can be seen below.

The full details of the planned celebration can be found below as well, outlining what the community can expect and when they can expect it. Hyperlinks are included which feature even more information.

Sky Anniversary In-Game Items and Events

Don your birthday crown and join in on the month-long celebration starting July 18. The party starts in the Secret Area accessible through the Vault of Knowledge where there will be balloon pops for candles, ‘Happy Birthday music sheets for hearts, and maybe even a birthday cake. Additional in-game events such as trivia and a birthday song performance by thatgamecompany band will also add to the celebratory mood.

Season of Shattering

Now live, Season of Shattering hopes to bring a new form of awe, vulnerability, and wonder to the world of Sky through never-before-experienced forms of gameplay, ambient storytelling, and social elements. The season introduces a new type of in-game world-impacting event which will ripple through future seasons, updates, and experiences and will give players a chance to experience the world of Sky before it changes forever. Existing players already have access to Season of Shattering and new players can start by downloading Sky free on iOS, iPadOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch.

The trailer for Season of Shattering can be viewed by YouTube HERE

Sky Anniversary Celebration Livestream

Join Sky’s community team on their Twitch channel to celebrate all things Sky as they pull from the vault of player memories, stories and experiences, spotlight game highlights from the last three years, share behind the scene moments and explore all of Sky’s beautiful realms.


thatgamecompany will continue to strive for more altruistic human connection via thatskystory, launching on July 21. The communal site will present a new medium for players and Sky fans around the world to share how the world of Sky, fellow players and in-world experiences have positively impacted their lives by sharing their universally impactful stories. The site will publish new touching stories around topics such as connection, acceptance, inspiration, community, isolation, and more.

Sky Assemblies

On July 21, thatgamecompany will kick off Sky Assemblies via the first event in Long Beach, California. Through this community event series Sky fans around the world will get a chance to attend or host their own in-person Sky gatherings to connect and celebrate together. Inspired by the game’s Season of Assembly, which told a warm tale of friends coming together for fun and fellowship, these community events are produced and coordinated by Sky’s community team and are meant to bring players together safely to celebrate Sky as a shared interest through themed activities such as arts and crafts, trivia, in-game challenges, and more.

Sky: Children of the Light Artbook by thatgamecompany, more on this coming soon.

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