Following the release of Fuga: Melodies of Steel in 2021, along with a DLC release earlier this year, developer CyberConnect2 has confirmed a sequel is on the way.

While details on the strategy-RPG’s successor are sparse at the moment, more information isn’t far off! On Twitter, the developers have stated that more information is set to be released on July 28th, 2022. The Tweet in question can be seen below, and it features the full teaser image for the follow-up title.

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2y ago

This is honestly incredible for a variety of reasons. The creator is doing it regardless of how well the first one sold, so unless there were a lot more sales they're doing this pretty much out of pocket from what I understood some time ago. I played through the first one twice to get everything and the good ending, and I felt like it didn't really leave a whole lot for a sequel for this particular game, though there was a teaser at the very end that hinted a sequel or connection to other games in this series' universe (Little Tail Bronx, Solotarobo?)
A direct sequel is very intriguing considering how it played out, but also makes me feel sick 😂 These poor kids! I hope they'll be okay! They've been through enough!

There's a demo for the first FUGA on the eShop now that has the first three chapters. I recommend checking it out. I bought it day 1, though after the fact I wish I could have gotten it on sale instead. However, I'm glad I could support the dev. It's crazy there's a sequel happening! I'm definitely getting it. I gotta know what happens next!