More and more supposed leaks regarding the upcoming Pokémon Scarlet and Violet have been surfacing online over the past week. As usual, none of these are verifiable, but they’re being shared by multiple accounts and definitely have some traction in the Pokémon community.

The source of the leaks is an anonymous Twitter account who has become known by most as “Mr. K” but who changes his handle on a regular basis in order to avoid too much attention. The majority of these leaks come in the form of extremely blurry screenshots, presumably shared that way purposefully in order to obscure the source’s identity.

Included in these screenshots are images of new Pokémon, evolutions, gym leaders, and more. There’s also some unconfirmed info regarding the new games’ structures, features, and options. You should take all of this with a big grain of salt of course, but if you’re interested, click ahead to see the images and info that have been going around.

First up, the following tweet features a compilation of all of the information that has been leaked so far. A few big highlights:

  • Gyms will be able to be completed in any order (although their difficulty won’t change no matter when you attempt them)
  • There will be around 400 Pokémon in the regional Pokédex
  • No previous generation’s starters will be included
  • A special new item will give Pokémon a “crystal aura”, boosting a single type for use in battle temporarily

And now, browse through a collection of very blurry screenshots that may or may not be real, and see if you can make anything of them!

This is another in a series of leaks for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet that seems more reliable than most, but it’s impossible to say for sure. We’re going to have wait until Nintendo and Gamefreak decide to reveal more info themselves, hopefully in the near future.


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2y ago

Open world but the gyms stay the same????
I don't think Game Freak quite knows what open world really means.