A new skin is now available in the online multiplayer game Fall Guys, known as the Grandis skin. As the name implies, this makes your character appear grander (or taller) than normal, and includes the usual cosmetic color change options. You should be able to find it in your inventory automatically as of now.

This freebie seems to be popping up now as a sort of apology for a game glitch discovered last week, when players found themselves purchasing items they didn’t intend to purchase in the Fall Guys shop. Obviously, this frustrated fans, and Mediatonic quickly reached out to apologize and say that they were working on getting the issue fixed, in addition to refunding players for any accidental purchases.

Hopefully, issues like this don’t crop up again in the future. Whether you were affected by the glitch or not, you’ll be able to access this free skin and play with it now.


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2y ago

OK, there's clearly sexual innuendo in that Tweet and image. And it obviously didn't go unnoticed in the replies on Twitter.