NieR:Automata The End of YoRHa Edition is coming to Switch on Oct. 6th, 2022, and Square Enix is hoping to foster a whole new wave of fans with the port. More fans means more chances for profits, and Square Enix is certainly looking to make some bank with their new NieR:Automata 2B statue.

Square Enix is releasing a Masterline NieR:Automata 1/4 scale 2B (YoRHa No. 2 Type B) 2P color version statue, and there’s no denying it’s absolutely gorgeous. There’s also no denying the hefty price tag on this item. If you want to bring one of these statues home, you’ll have to cough up a whopping $1,150!

This statue measures W 11.2” x D 17.7” x H 21.7” and is available to pre-order right now. Your order won’t ship out until April 2023, which should give you just enough time to pay off the massive credit card bill you racked up! You can take a closer look at the 2B statue here.

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2y ago

With these multiple exorbitant $1000+ statues, it just feels like Square is fishing for a different type of whale.