Another in-depth video for Marvel’s Midnight Suns has been released, and this one takes a deep dive into what Spider-Man has to offer on the battlefield. Sticky situation? Not a problem for your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!

Brainy teenager Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider during a science experiment gone wrong. Somehow, the mishap imbued him with arachnid-related superhuman abilities: strength, agility, and new aptitudes for scaling walls and sensing danger. He soon engineered a pair of wrist-bound “web-shooters” that could fire sticky, incredibly strong strands and allow him to swing between buildings.

Then, when Peter refused to stop a burglar, his beloved uncle, who had raised him alongside Peter’s gentle-hearted aunt, was murdered. Realizing he must use his amazing abilities for good, Peter created a secret crime-fighting identity: the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Specialty: Distributed Damage

Spider-Man’s rapid-fire agility allows him to attack enemies all over the battlefield without spending multiple actions, while his webs can bind enemies or yank them closer. He is also skilled at using the environment as a weapon, downing foes by slinging objects like crates, barrels, and electrical generators without spending the Heroism resource.

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