The 90’s adventure game Simon The Sorcerer is getting a revival in the form of Simon The Sorcerer Origins from Smallthing Studios. Scheduled to hit Switch in early 2023, this is a prequel to the original game, retaining its point and click gameplay with new features and a reimagined art style.

In a new interview with The XBox Hub, the game’s director elaborates on what we can expect from the final game, and how much of the original title’s style will be retained.

Simon The Sorcerer Origins is set a few weeks before the first episode, released in early 1993. There will therefore be an ever-young Simon, practically the one from the first episode. Our game unexpectedly but perfectly fitted with the events of episode 1. Yes, he will find himself entangled in a spiral of situations that will actually start the story of the saga, motivating aspects that in reality had not been well defined.

There will be everything that made this adventure one of a kind: that fairytale flavor, quotes, very subtle links to the first episode, sour comedy, nostalgia and yes, even a few tears. It will be a very intense title, for everyone.

Those are some powerful words! It’ll be great if the final product can deliver on those laughs and tears. Like another 90s adventure game revival, Return to Monkey Island, Simon The Sorcerer Origins also features a bold new art style. When asked about this departure, the game’s director explained the inspiration for it, and how it will give this new entry its own unique feel.

The Simon The Sorcerer saga has never had unique stylistic guidelines. Each title has been dressed in a different style based only on the era in which it was released. This is not a criticism, the first two episodes in particular were stylistically splendid, but children of the era in which they lived. We didn’t want to disturb them, we wanted new emotions.

We thought about how Simon would be today and it seemed natural to us, together with our artists, in particular our Lead Artist (capable of interpreting a multitude of styles), to give Simon a cartoon style, with a warm, pictorial style, nostalgic, which pays homage to an atmosphere from the past. It seemed like a natural extension and correct reinterpretation of the first two episodes.

The team at Smallthing Studios seems to understand that there’s a lot riding on this one for fans of the original, and is hard at work making something satisfying for both old and new fans. For more interview answers, including how the game is being adapted for consoles, and the state of modern adventure games, read the full interview or watch the trailer below.

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