Visual novel Digimon Survive is just a few days away from its July 29th release date on Nintendo Switch. Now, we’ve got some official details on exactly how one of its major systems works: The Karma system. This system revolves around the choices you make and how they reflect on the relationship between you and your Digimon. See below for a summary of what we know.

  • Players will be presented with many decisions over the course of the game. Several (but not all) decisions will affect your Karma score.
  • Decisions could be simple (making morning plans) or complex (choosing to fight or run from an enemy).
  • There are three types of Karma - Moral, Harmony, and Wrathful, each with its own individual score, represented by a color.
  • Pursuing a Moral score will help Takuma find common ground with Vaccine Digimon, a Harmony score will be more compatible with Data Digimon, and a Wrathful score will work best with Virus Digimon.
  • When being tasked with recruiting Digimon, having a high Karma score in their corresponding attribute will give you a higher chance of succeeding.
  • Agumon’s Digivolution path will be dependent on Takuma’s highest Karma score (directing him toward Data, Vaccine, or Virus paths).
  • The game does not imply a wrong or right answer to any choices, and they will result in different endings.

What choices will you make, and how will your Agumon grow? It’s all up to you when the game releases July 29th. Click here for a more detailed explanation with more screenshots.

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