In the latest volume of Nintendo’s “Ask the Developer” interviews discussing the development of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Genki Yokota, director and planner at Nintendo EPD, was asked if the Xenoblade Chronicles series would end as a trilogy or if it will continue on in the future. Fortunately, it doesn’t sound like we’ve seen the last of the franchise, as Yokoya confirmed that “Yes, it will still go on,” with him going on to say he wants to keep the series going for “as long as possible.” Looks like Xenoblade Chronicles 4 is practically inevitable, with an eventual 5 and 6 being likely too.

While it may seem like this news is obvious considering Xenoblade’s success, there was a bit of confusion that arose when the developers said that Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is a “culmination of the series,” which could be interpreted as it being the last.


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2y ago

I’d expect as long as the series is successful then the series will continue.


2y ago

The more I hear about this game, the more likely I am to get it. That is a rarity -- in a good way.


2y ago

I think the Xeno brand will go one and out live the creators but perhaps the "Blade" part will come to an end.

Just my prediction, I could be wrong.


2y ago

“ Xenoblade Chronicles 4 is practically inevitable”.

Huh. Did they forget about X or do we not count the non numbered games?

the schaef

2y ago

And yet, still no port of - or sequel to - X on Switch.


2y ago

So far I truly love the Xenobade games. Even putting them up with FF6 and 7 levels. And even when I want more of this amazing stuff, I would also love to see Monolith get the chance to do something brand new and let the artists just go wild.


2y ago

Xdnoblade is the new final fantasy!