Today, QUByte Interactive and Men Sana Interactive announced that Mini Words Collection would be available for purchase on the Nintendo Switch on March 24th. Mini Words Collection is a compilation of three games designed to improve the player’s language skill: Pathfinders: Mini Words, Mini Words, and Mini Words: Polyglot. While the first two titles focus on learning English, Polyglot offers words in Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, German, and Italian to learn. The games feature differing levels of game difficulty as your mastery increases, as well as over 1000+ levels in the collection.

QUByte Interactive described the titles in this collection as so:

In Pathfinders: Mini Words you’ll help the Pathfinders discover basic words in English, just observing images of day-by-day objects or animals and finding their names on the board. Great for the little ones learning English! Includes 230 words.

Get the classic Mini Words. In the first game of the series, discover the most used words in the English language. 721 words. That is enough to cover 90% of conversations in English. All in a minimalist and relaxing environment, with no distractions.

Discover Mini Words: Polyglot, the newest game in the Mini Words series, which is a great opportunity to challenge yourself in different languages. Can you recognize the most used nouns in English when written and spoken in other languages? Six languages and more than 1000 words are available.

You can find out more about the game via Mini Words Collection’s official page or on Twitter.

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