Last week, we shared full details on the ‘National Splatoon Quiz’ that Nintendo ran online for Japanese audiences. The quiz aimed to see who the most knowledgeable Splatoon fans in Japan were by quizzing people on 5 different categories: characters, weapons, fashion, music and story. Nintendo put the quiz together themselves, but unfortunately it seems they needed a bit more studying beforehand!

Believe it or not, Nintendo got one of their own questions wrong on the quiz. The question asked fans about the piece of gear that decorates the back of the headgear shop, with the correct answer being the Sennyu Bon Bon Beanie. Somehow, the quiz stated that the Sporty Bobble hat was the correct answer, and the Sennyu Bon Bon Beanie wasn’t even one of the choices!

Nintendo has since apologized for the issue. They were also force to hold off on sharing the rankings for the quiz, since that one question was completely out of whack. We’re not sure how Nintendo will remedy the situation, but we’ll let you know what they end up doing once details are released.

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2y ago

That's left Nintendo with ink on their face. 🦑