Official Hogwarts Legacy website lists Switch Version

An update I didn't expect...o patronum.

18 March 2022
by alioop 6

In a newly updated listing for the upcoming Wizarding World title Hogwarts Legacy, developers at WB Games and Avalanche Software have listed Nintendo Switch as a platform for the new game. This update comes via the FAQ section of the official Hogwarts Legacy Website, as well as a logo at the bottom of the main page of the same site.

The update comes following an extended gameplay showcase at Thursday’s Playstation State of Play broadcast, which showcased magical spell-based combat, character creation, story elements, and much more.

The game is slated to launch Holiday of 2022. The mention of a Nintendo Switch release is brand new, with Playstation 4 and 5, XBox family, and PC versions being previously confirmed. The FAQ entry and the logo are the only information we have from the developers at this time regarding the Switch’s inclusion.

There is also an Amazon listing for the Nintendo Switch version of the game, the cover of which is shown below.


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Comments (6)


2y ago

The game seems like it would be too big to work on the Switch, but we've seen 'impossible' ports before.

I'd be interested to see how it runs, even if I myself am eyeing it on a different platform.


2y ago

Wow awesome, I'm sure it's going to require a download, but I'm willing to put up with that if it runs well. Unexpected news for sure.


2y ago

Waiting for the inevitable 'cloud version' announcement.


2y ago


Yeah, I just can't imagine it running natively on Switch. It would be way downgraded I imagine.


2y ago

I don't care if it looks like crap. I'm getting it on switch.


2y ago

I'm getting the game one way or another. I guess I'll wait for some reviews to see if I can enjoy it on the Switch or if I'm finally about to buy a new console.