Developer Shiro Kuro Hitsuji has confirmed that their title Rainbow Sea will release on Nintendo Switch sometime in Fall 2023. Rainbow Sea is an adventure game based on Japanese Mythology featuring retro style pixel art and chiptune music. While the game only takes a couple of hours to play, it can be replayed again and again in order to discover different events and endings.

Rainbow Sea was previously available only on mobile devices. See below for some footage from that version of the game, as well as the game’s official description.

Rainbow Sea is an adventure game with beautiful character designs, isometric pixel-arts, nostalgic chiptune-flavored music, and a sometimes amusing, sometimes melancholy plot. You can clear this in a couple of hours, but you can play it again and again as the story changes depending on your choices and actions, and there are many ways to reach a single ending.

Japanese style adventure game with cute pixel art and beautiful characters. You spend a year on a treasure ship, interacting with the Seven Lucky Gods. There are 116 different events. Depending on your actions and choices, you will have 22 different endings.

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