Last month, Minecraft updated its moderation/player reporting system with some features that not everyone is happy about. The system in question allows for players to be banned from Minecraft across all servers, even their own private servers, as a result of being reported online. Many fans have since expressed their dissatisfaction with the potential pratfalls of this change. Now, a Minecraft Reddit community manager known as MojangMeesh has posted a response to the negative feedback.

As you might expect, the Minecraft subreddit has not had a positive response to this post. The harassment of Mojang employees is certainly a serious issue, and hopefully the community takes those notes to heart, but the 2,000 downvotes on the post in question are a pretty clear indicator that they don’t like what else is being said.

As of now, Mojang is going forward with this reporting system and seemingly has no plans to roll anything back. We’ll see if anything changes in the future.

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2y ago

I support this change. We really need to move away from the archaic notion of giving people second chances/ a shot at redemption. If you do the wrong thing that’s it. Deal with the consequences and move on.