Brazilian developer QUByte Interactive has announced their upcoming title, Project Colonies: MARS 2120, is headed to Nintendo Switch, PC, and other consoles.

The game is a self-described “2.5D side-scroller action-adventure game, set in a sci-fi setting” that takes heavy inspiration from the Metroid franchise.

A short gameplay video can be seen above that showcases the game’s sci-fi setting, enemies, and combat. Fans of the Metroid series will certainly see why the developers believe the game will “reflect most of the greatest characteristics in a Metroidvania game.”

A description of the game can be seen below, along with a gallery of screenshots from the title. The game doesn’t have a release window as of yet, but it’s currently in full development using Unreal Engine 4.

QUByte Interactive is looking to bring an experience that will reflect most of the greatest characteristics in a Metroidvania game. The exploration and map knowledge will be crucial in MARS 2120, such as unlocking new abilities, powers and upgrades in order to face the next challenge.

We’re also bringing unique aspects to our game, one of them being the melee combat alongside the ranged. The player will be able to perform combos, combining different moves, powers and abilities. Skills and moves may affect different enemies in different ways. Each enemy and boss requires the player to know which approach will work better against it, creating a unique challenge for each one them, especially in boss fights.

Charlotte abilities aren’t exclusive to combat, platforming, traversal sections and backtracking are also a high aspect of the core gameplay of the game, expanding it to different things to do, making the player feel that they are not making the same thing over and over again.

Here some more gameplay features you can expect to see in Project Colonies: MARS 2120:

  • New game+: replay the game from the beggining kepping all the upgrades you unlocked in the previous playthrough;

  • Collectibles: items the player can find during the game. They can either be in the map or an enemy drop;

  • Fast-travel: go to point A to point B by using the fast-travels terminals across the game;

  • Scripted events: the player can expect some cinematic/scripted sections in the game;

  • Acessibility: colorblind mode will be available in the game, seeing that a lot of the gameplay is based on knowing the color assigned to an ability;

  • Charlotte uses a scarf. This is very important to know;

[QUByte Interactive press release via Games Press]
Thanks to Sligeach_eire for the heads up!

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