Mini Metro Knock-off Mini Subway Removed From eShop

There's only room for one mini game 'round these parts

04 August 2022
by cykeswiki 0

Last month, we reported on the Mini Metro knock-off game that suddenly appeared on Switch, Mini Subway: Logic on the Metro Line. We shared the dev response to the knock-off, at which point Dinosaur Polo Club stated they would take legal action if necessary.

And it seems that legal action has indeed been taken, as we received an email update from Dinosaur Polo Club stating that the copycat game was removed. Indeed, going onto the eShop reveals that Mini Subway is no longer listed on the online storefront.

We wanted to give an update that the copycat has officially been removed from the eShop. The team would like to express their thanks for your support in spreading awareness!

[Ryan Tatum, Public Relations Account Executive, Stride PR]

[PR Email]

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