Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has just received its second wave of DLC tracks, and data miner Fishguy6564 on Twitter has revealed that Nintendo may have left files related to upcoming tracks within the update itself.

Using this information, Fishguy6564 and other data miners have pieced together information that could point to a good number of tracks that we could see in future updates, specifically naming 14 of the remaining 32 tracks.

The files found in the game’s data reveal leftover song prefetches, which allow the game to load music files quickly. The file names of these prefetches give an idea of what tracks they will belong to. It’s likely these files got left behind in the update while Nintendo continues work on future DLC waves for the game.

While these tracks are not fully confirmed to be coming to the game, these files suggest that they very well could. The datamined information also lines up with previous datamine rumors that outline what consoles the upcoming tracks may be from.

With that said: potential spoilers ahead! If you want to be surprised should these tracks actually come to the game, turn back now.

Below are Tweets from Fishguy6564 that feature screenshots of the files in question. At the bottom will be a simple list of the potential tracks and their game of origin.

  • Tour - London Loop
  • DS - Peach Gardens
  • GBA - Boo Lake / Broken Pier
  • 3DS - Rock Rock Mountain
  • Tour - Berlin Byways
  • GCN - Waluigi Stadium
  • Tour - Merry Mountain
  • 3DS - Rainbow Road
  • Tour - Amsterdam Drift
  • Tour - Singapore Speedway
  • GBA - Sunset Wilds
  • Tour - Bangkok Rush
  • Tour - Vancouver Velocity
  • Wii - Maple Treeway

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2y ago

Interesting choices. Obviously without adding EVERY track not everyone can get what they want but I can't help but feel a little bummed about the fact we don't seem to be getting Wuhu Loop or Maka Wuhu back. Wuhu Island is a really iconic location--as beloved as some Nintendo characters and seeing it from a ground, racing perspective was a lot of fun in MK7 so I'd been hoping one of the two would be announced.
Overall a lot of expected Tour tracks and thankfully my favorite Rainbow Road, MK7's. I assume that the last track will be Mario Kart Wii's Rainbow Road but you never know.