We finally received an October release date for the long awaited Bayonetta 3 on Switch, but there’s still a lot we don’t know about it. Now, some new details have emerged from a surprising source: The Australian government. More specifically, the Australian Classification Ratings Board has posted a report of some of the content that contributed to their decision to rate the game MA (15+). This includes new tidbits concerning the game’s story, themes and violence, as well as confirmation of an online leaderboard system.

There could be some spoilers in here, although it’s vague, and not much context is given for the events mentioned. If you’re okay with that, click ahead to read the full rating report.

Bayonetta 3 is an action adventure game in which human characters travel through a series of fantasy environments, battling monsters called Homunculi and an evil being known as Singularity. Players must make their way to an island, Thule, in order to prevent Singularity from destroying the known worlds.


The game contains fantasy themes, including monsters and supernatural beings. There is a brief sequence where a character removes her own heart in order to increase her powers.


Violence consists of melee combat in fantasy settings, using guns, blades and other weapons. Gameplay and cutscenes sometimes feature blood detail.

Online interactivity

The game features online interactivity in the form of shared leader-boards, including the ability to upload scores for specific chapters within the game.

Nothing in here should be too shocking to anyone familiar with the Bayonetta series in terms of themes and graphic content. A heart removal sequence certainly sounds intriguing though. This is also the first we’re hearing about online leaderboards, which should add some welcome replay value.

Hopefully this keeps you satisfied until more official info is released. You’ll be able to experience all the fantasy combat, blood, and other goodies for yourself when Bayonetta 3 is released October 28, 2022.

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