Fighting game Pocket Bravery has been announced for Nintendo Switch from publisher PixelHeart and developer Statera Studio. Inspired by the aesthetics of fighting games from the NEOGEO era, the game revolves around unique characters and an elemental attack system. This system allows each character to build up attacks in order to then unleash more powerful elemental moves.

Pocket Bravery is scheduled for release sometime in early 2023. In addition to the above trailer which debuted during EVO, you can find a full description of the game below.

Pocket Bravery is inspired by classics from the 90s, such as Street Fighter, Fatal Fury, and The King of Fighters. And its SD aesthetic had an influence on games like Pocket Fighter and other fighting games from NEOGEO Pocket Color.

But make no mistake, Pocket Bravery was created to be a new and unique fighting game, with original characters, vibrant colors and a combat system that will impress you, since the game was designed with the focus on high level players. Even so, it has features that will teach beginning players how to develop and evolve in the game.

The game uses the digital pad and four buttons, two for punches and two for kicks. You can execute the traditional commands from the fighting games using the directional pad plus the button to make special moves, super specials or even the final attack. Each character has an element that represents his strength, can be physical or supernatural. You can accumulate up to 2 attacks on the elemental bar. Through this system, it is possible to execute elemental attacks that have different characteristics from the others and bring new offensive or defensive possibilities for the player.

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