As a follow up to our report that can be found here detailing allegations about working conditions at Moon Studios, Direct-Feed Games reports that Microsoft has made a decision when it comes to the current relationship with the developer.

Moon Studios has been a successful company, with the two Ori games receiving high praise across both Xbox and the Nintendo Switch.

This is a developing story with many more twists and turns to come in the future.

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2y ago

Next week's headline: "Microsoft purchases Moon Studios".


2y ago

Everybody is "opressed" now, thats this generation in a nutshell, dont believe such claims anymore.


2y ago

I was under the impression that they weren't partnering with Microsoft for their next release because they were going multi-platform.

Could be that Microsoft just knew about this awhile ago, and that was what spurred that decision. But I do question the reliability of this statement, even if it might be a good choice.