Are you a Canadian resident 13 years or older who would like to win an OLED Nintendo Switch?

Canadian families have a chance to be one of 15 winners of a Nintendo Switch - OLED Model system, a one-year supply of MadeGood product coupons, and a “game option of their choice.” Lucky winners can choose from the following titles: Nintendo Switch Sports, Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain, Game Builder Garage, Just Dance 2022 or Ring Fit Adventure. Even if you do not win, all entrants will receive a code for 100 My Nintendo Platinum Points and a 15% MadeGood coupon.

If you are eligible to participate, click this link to enter for a chance to win. For more details, you can visit Nintendo’s site as well.

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I (Elizabeth) am a news writer here. I enjoy all genres of games, but RPG's are my favorite. I try to play a little bit of everything, leading to an excessive backlog :). I view games as an experience to enjoy as well as an interesting study on how the medium evolves. @OnettQueen

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