Developer Galaxy Trailer has shared via their Twitter page that the game is now set for release on September 13th, 2022! While the game was initially set to launch in the spring, the team states in their Twitter post that the game has been pushed back a few months due to the game’s lead developer, Sabrina, suffering from a hand injury. Get well soon, Sabrina!

They go on to mention that there were also some “unforeseen circumstances” that played a role in the delay as well. In any case, it seems the core game is now complete and the developers will be sharing more frequent updates as the September release date grows closer. You can catch the full statement from the developers below.

Image via Galaxy Trail's Twitter page
Image via Galaxy Trail's Twitter page

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2y ago

Hope all goes well for Sabrina. Freedom Planet is great so I have expectations for the sequel.


2y ago

Eh, after so many years of delays, what's another few months?

Did they ever confirm that the game was coming to Switch, though?