Minecraft Legends in-depth gameplay overview shared from Gamescom 2022

The building blocks are starting to fall into place

25 August 2022
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Minecraft Legends is still a ways away, but today is a big day for anyone anticipating this title. In addition to the release of a new trailer, we now have a new interview with the game’s developers conducted by IGN at this year’s Gamescom. In the video above, Mojang’s Dennis Ries and Magnus Nedfors discuss various aspects of the game’s development and design process.

In addition to showing off some new gameplay footage, they shed some light on the game’s origins, the challenges in designing it, and what separates it from other real-time strategy games. For example, Minecraft Legends has more of a focus on a singular hero character controlled by the player, as the designers wanted the player to feel like they were an integral part of the world.

To see more of Minecraft Legends and how it was influenced by games both in and out of the Minecraft universe, you can watch the full interview embedded above.

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